Monday, January 30, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - January 30, 2017

Things here are good. Today's not actually p day they just wanted us to email home, but it's temple week! So on Saturday the senior couple are taking us there. We're going to go to CafĂ© Rio too. The new missionary schedule's good, but like I'm not used to it yet.  The new schedule's pretty different, but it's nice having more down time and more time on preparation day. The weather here is decent, but I still can't wait for spring. I do not miss the snow!

We played some hard core basketball at the stake center last Monday. We used a ton of the YSA elders' miles though so we can only do that like once a month.... Besides that it's hard to play sports when you're church is an old office building with no gym. We played soccer one time though when the weather was decent. Most of the time we shop and just hang out. We want to go to the fort its only like $7. I've been to the zoo and the aquarium already and they're expensive so I don't know about again.

Things here are good. We had a member referral that turned out to be hard core agnostic and I could tell she didn't care what we were saying. I made friends with this member whose wife is a nonmember. We're going to go see them and start teaching her. We are still teaching that brother and son in law of a recent convert. They just need to come to church. We also gave this returning less active a blessing and I have been talking with her boyfriend who's been coming with her and we're going to teach him and they want to get married.


Elder Ressler