Monday, February 6, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - February 6, 2017

The temple was super good. The DC temple is one of my favorites. It holds a special place in my heart forever. I've got this area down; I got the bus routes down and everything. We teach a lot of people in this area and then they stop for a while. They kind of treat our meetings like Bible studies. It's not always a big commitment to them. We had a lesson with a lady this week who came outside of her house while we were double checking if it was the right one and said I don't have all day get in here! Then she like would open the Bible up randomly while we were talking and read like about Solomon and his wives.... then ask what was that about?  The inner harbor ward is awesome. The senior couple here drive a lot of people to church. They also fed us again on Sunday. I like the people here, but there's 6 sets of missionaries and people notoriously get transferred in and out fast here so the members just treat me like a normal missionary. I'm only close to a couple people. I have a really good friend who grew up playing in the ruins of Nauvoo and was a nonmember for most of his life. He was THE specialist for electro magnetic stuff in the army. He has so many stories. He was picked out of like 5000 other people who were nominated.

No investigators came to church again they all bailed last minute... But... I'm really sure this new investigator is coming next week. He's 33 and he self referred himself. His step dad who raised him is a member and told him to look into it. He asked a lot of questions about the church. He doesn't work weekends. Has a good job. He's engaged to get married with his girlfriend already. Anyways it really was a sweet lesson. Priesthood really hit home for this guy. I asked him why there's so many churches that are Christian and he really wanted to know. He just has such a desire to know the truth. When we committed him to read the first two chapters by Thursday he was like I'm going to read a lot more than that. He seems really smart. I'm excited. I just hope I stay. I street contacted someone and handed them off and they're going to get baptized. We also found two new people who are really solid. We gave a church tour to an investigator and she loved it. She was complaining at first about needing to go home and get a sandwich and then the senior missionary couple bought her Wendy's it was pretty awesome.  Everyone has grills or gold jewelry here Some people have some really different views on things like the holy ghost and jumping up, tongues, recited prayers.

Elder Ressler