Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - April 24, 2017

My week was awesome! I went to Primary for the last two hours on Sunday. There was this girl I made friends with and then because I'm baptizing two other investigators on Saturday, I was asked to baptize her on the same day too. I'm so excited.

The Book of Mormon is awesome! I've been reading the Book of Mormon stories book for kids and the ones about the Bible.

I've been busy. We have two people being baptized on Saturday! We also had a ward blitz where missionaries in the Baltimore Stake (34 missionaries) went out for half the day contacting less actives. We took like 35 names off the ward roster and had some good things happen. I have to say my favorite part was that our ward mission leader had the idea to feed everyone chicken and waffles. It was sooo good. He bought a bunch from Hip Hop and Popeye's. Then we got the leftovers.

This week has been pretty calm because we haven't street contacted hardly at all. We've been busing to appointments like crazy! We picked up two investigators that are member referrals. One is definitely getting baptized because they want to get married in the temple. Awesome right?! We're picking up another investigator this week who came to church two weeks in a row and is the friend of a member who invites everybody to church. We also got eight headquarter referrals this week so it's been a lot of hustling and bustling. We're having baptismal interviews tomorrow and it's for sure going to happen. The work is finally going really good and I might be leaving in two weeks. I feel like I am and would be fine leaving Baltimore, but it's the investigators I'd really miss. I think me being transferred is a high possibility.

It hit me last week that I was almost 20 years old. I feel really young still.  I'm pretty excited for Provo I'm not going to lie. It might be weird for me the first semester still adjusting and living at home and stuff though.

Love you!

Elder Ressler

Monday, April 17, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - April 17, 2017

The family we are teaching are on fire. They are living all the commandments and are pumped for baptism! We had a tender moment I wanted to share with you. I asked if we could help them with anything and it was quiet for like 20 seconds. Then they told us they were going through a hard time and living on food stamps and a lot of their money for the month was spent on medical things. Then out of the blue, someone unexpectedly took them shopping for groceries. They kept putting stuff in their cart and they were shocked how much they got for them. There are really good people in this world. They came to church in African dresses. They're even planning on going to the temple the week after their baptism which means we get to go as well! They are eating the gospel up. Also, someone ran their car into our church, sad.

Love you,
Elder Ressler

Monday, April 3, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - April 3, 2017

Spring is here in Baltimore for sure!

My new companion is the man! He's been out 14 months, is really easy to get along with, and a really cool guy. I like him already, he's organized and a hard worker. And a good teacher. We taught the Restoration to an investigator right before conference and it went amazing.

This was the best weekend ever. Can you believe I only have 5 months left? I really want to get some good work done before I have to go.

This was the best General Conference ever because tons of people came and enjoyed it. We also had tons of food. The ward has these giant potluck dinners between sessions. Tons of people come and they broadcasted every session at the church. Conference was amazing! We had a miracle weekend. Three people came all new... One lady who's cousin who is a member told her to come. This guy who just moved to Baltimore, but has been investigating and came to conference and wants to come next week too. Another investigator who came and wants to get baptized "as soon as possible." She wants to bring her siblings and parents to church next week, too. I'm pumped!

Love ya!

Elder Ressler