Monday, May 29, 2017

Hanover, PA - May 29, 2017

It's been rainy which I'm pretty frustrated at. It's almost JUNE! Me and Elder White are having a blast though. He's one of my favorite companions. I do miss the work in Inner Harbor though. That place was booming. There was always something to do, always a referral to contact. Here it's a lot slower. We set like 15 appointments this week and only 1 or 2 worked out. We picked up 2 new people though. The ward had a very patriotic service on Sunday.

Brother Shurfey a Gettysburg history buff gave a talk on Memorial Day and Veterans. Then at the end of his talk the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric who's a bluegrass fiddle player stood up and played Ashokan farewell while Brother Shurfey said the Gettysburg address. They have a great Bishop and Ward Council.

Love ya! 

Elder Ressler

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hanover, PA - May 22, 2017

In Hanover, the members us so much here it's crazy. They are so kind. Me and Elder White knocked a ton of doors this last week and they all set appointments for this upcoming week so we'll see how it goes. We knocked on this 14 year old's door and asked if he'd heard about the church and he said, "Ya, I've heard it's a pretty sick church to go to." We're seeing him and his family tonight so that could be awesome.

Love ya,

Elder Ressler

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hanover, PA - May 15, 2017

Hanover is too hard to explain. I love it so much! It's like an old town that's been made new it's cool. We rode our bikes past the mansion the other day. They have pretty cheap Utz here. They have all kinds of flavors of chips at the outlet like cheeseburger. I'm excited to go there. We'll probably go next week though. Hanover's a little bit different from Baltimore because like 90% of the baptisms here come from street contacts or tracting. We found one new investigator this week by knocking on her door. Some people here are just really humbled. The ward's very friendly, we get very well taken care of, have the nicest car I've ever driven (even though we share it with the sister missionaries) and a really clean and nice apartment. Hanover is the snack capital of the US. Our apartment is proof of that. I really have to control myself haha.

There was some random street contact who said he thinks he knew a family member or something. Then two ward members used to live in the Lancaster Stake.

"Thanks I made it" I love saying that about my ties hahaha.

Love you!

Elder Ressler

Monday, May 8, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - May 8, 2017

I'm getting transferred to Hanover Pennsylvania. It's close to York and it's in the Chambersburg Zone. This is probably going to be my last area. I only have 3.5 months left! It's weird. It's going to be a weird adjustment leaving Baltimore and the people. Hey I think Hanover is decently close to Lancaster but not by a ton.

This week has been really slow I don't know why. We couldn't get in with anyone because they were busy, but this lady who's a nonmember who's come to church four times chose her own baptismal date and wants to start taking the lessons. Then I got to talk to this guy from Pakistan for like two hours on the bus ride to the temple. This week was really special because we went to the temple as a ward on a charter bus. It's a good memory right before I leave the ward. It's such a special bunch of people. But anyways this guy has been coming to church and researching and is very serious about being baptized.

The people who were baptized are fitting well into the ward! They loved going to the temple this week. They are such strong converts. They never want to miss a Sunday. They are still reading the Book of Mormon too. Yesterday at church ( we had a regional conference where Elder Oaks spoke) like three people were like Hawa come sit with me, it was great!

Love you,

Elder Ressler

Monday, May 1, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - May 1, 2017

The baptism service was awesome on Saturday. Everyone that spoke was very friendly.  I personally got to baptize two investigators from Sierra Leon and  I made one of them a sick tie. I also got to baptize this little girl in the ward who really loves me. She was so glad I got to baptize her. Another baptism was a lady who I street contacted and made really good friends with. So I really feel like I made an influence in all of these people's lives. I'll send some pictures.

We have this lady who's been to church 3x and came to church as a child, but never joined who wants to get baptized.  I kind of don't want to get transferred because there's tons of work going on. One of our investigators has like 2 appointments with her family set up for us.

 I love Baltimore. I have been in some rough areas for my mission you know that? I've spent a full year without a car. I don't know if I am getting transferred. I might stay actually. I kind of want to because we have 2 maybe 3 baptisms coming up next month. But, even if I leave it's all good. This city is crazy though so I wouldn't miss that. The other day this guy told us we were leprous zombies like Miriam in the old testament when she was cursed because we're white. Also a dryer in our complex started on fire and we had to stay outside. It was actually cool because the other Elders live just across the street so we went and played pirate's dice. We play that on Mondays sometimes. Anyways our apartment was fine it just really smells like smoke in there.

The sister is hopefully getting baptized soon and also two other people we're teaching are going to get baptized. One lady was baptized when she was 12 but never got confirmed so needs to get baptized again.


Elder Ressler