Monday, January 23, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - January 23, 2017

This week's finding was crazy, so we got a text from the Jones Falls Elders saying they had a former investigator that we should stop by who moved to our area. I flipped! We called and called and he never answered (we had the wrong #) We bussed all the way to his house at the edge of our area and he was there! The rapper I taught in Jones Falls we went back again and reviewed what he's been taught and he still really wants to get baptized!! He's coming to church this week! It was insane. We also taught a lady and I was super bold that this is the only true church. She read all of 1 Nephi in like 5 days, most people here can barely read. She's coming next week. We also made friends with this guy who's a recent convert's daughter's boyfriend. We taught him at her house and the brother sat in too. We've been having rain, but it's been surprisingly nice this last week or so.

Baltimore's been growing on me a lot lately. If I do the medical route I'll totally live in Baltimore County and work at Johns Hopkins.

I love this ward. There's two Sister with the same last name and one is super funny and the other is super sassy. I asked where she's from she's from Trinidad, but at first she said uh heaven lol.
The missionaries across the street from us got robbed, but lost nothing. We live in a pretty nice well protected apartment though. Their apartment is easy to break in.

I gave an awesome talk in church today. I felt bad because this brand new missionary from Haiti gave a talk right before me and was really nervous and stuttering because he barely knows English. Then I taught the lesson in the gospel principles class, which has like 35 people. I felt really good about it though.


Elder Ressler