Monday, October 24, 2016

Lancaster, PA - October 24, 2016

The investigators are doing good. We found out some of our investigators have an uncle who lives with them who is a less active member and we're going to set up a church tour. We talked to them and they are down. Me and my companion are watching the Studio C, Face to Face, right now. I'm surprised people didn't know they were Mormon... There are so many misconceptions about Mormons. We met this young mom who we taught and she was pretty mean, but her husband was awesome and we really got along. He invited us back for a cookout. She's read anti literature about the church that isn't true.

Love you,

Elder Ressler

Monday, October 17, 2016

Lancaster, PA - October 17, 2016

My new companion's name is Elder Dearing from Idaho.  We came out together. I talked to him a little in the mission home the first night. I've been pretty good sickness wise. I'm crossing my fingers it's the last winter.

This week was a miracle, three of our investigators came to church and loved it. One of them came with his girlfriend and they had their prayers answered about something financial so he called me crying and thanked me for bringing God into his life. Another came and I assume things are getting better with her parents about meeting with us because she actually came. We weren't able to see her in six weeks.

My two older brothers are great examples. I pretty much think I came out because of them sometimes. They're rock stars. I'm pretty sure thanksgiving is on the first day of next transfers, so I most likely will be in another area...

Love you,

Elder Ressler

Monday, October 10, 2016

Lancaster, PA - October 10, 2016

Hey! Things are going great here in Lancaster. I've never taught so many people. We teach a lot of Haitians. They're pretty tight, but sometimes they mix French and English. We watched the restoration movie with this Haitian guy and he loved it he said I'm going to watch it again. We thought he was kidding but when we went back 5 minutes later because we forgot something he had started it again. He's pumped to come to church. He boxes ;) Then we played volleyball with the Amish. You'd be surprised how stinking good these Amish are at volleyball. They rarely ever hit it over unless they are spiking it in your face... My companion got clocked so hard. I love the Amish we showed them around the church afterwards too. They're planning on coming soon.

We're teaching this guy who's read the Book of Mormon like five times. He tells us stories about Alma all the time. It's sad, but the only thing holding him from baptism is beer... He doesn't think he can give it up so we committed him to only have 10 beers this week. That's pretty low for this guy.

I had stake conference and got to sit next to my grandparents. My companion is getting transferred on Wednesday. It's always sad when you get a companion you really love and they get transferred, but I've been lucky with companions so far. I was thinking today how awesome it would be to baptize someone in the same font my dad got baptized in right? Most of our investigators just have problems committing to a church. A lot of faith problems like is the Holy Ghost real or is praying just therapeutic?

Love you guys!

Elder Ressler

Monday, October 3, 2016

Lancaster, PA - October 3, 2016

Things here are awesome. There's a lot of potential. An investigator wants to be baptized, but we're still trying to help him. He's still got a long way. There is a great family we are working with and another investigator who is fairly new who will probably get baptized. He is really excited and has already been to church. Then another who has cousins who are members and he says he's coming to church.

I had a head cold, but got better pretty quick. It's amazing how much we take feeling good for granted. This week was cold though! Summer is over for sure. I was pulling out the sweaters and things. I did get to wear my new rain jacket though! Transfer calls are next Sunday.

It's interesting how certain General Conference talks uplift and touch us and don't touch others. Elder Eyring was emotional at the Philadelphia Temple dedication. I love Elder Eyring. Elder Oaks said something really cool when he visited us. An Elder asked how he can strengthen his weak testimony and Elder Oaks pulled up a scripture, stating that  some have the gift of knowing Jesus is the Christ and some have to lean on their testimony. Kind of like the apostles and Jesus coming to them after the resurrection. I love being on a mission. I want to train because there's this new elder I serve around and he's super pumped to be a missionary and it motivates me as well. He's got that greenie fire. Hey only 2.5 months and we get to talk again.

Love you

Elder Ressler