Monday, January 9, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - January 9, 2017

I'm in the Inner Harbor Ward! We cover a good part of the harbor. We're walking and taking buses which is hard because it's super cold and snowed this last week. My companion's name is Elder Sieler (Sealer) from Arizona, he's a hard worker, and still is in training.  My first couple days were crazy! Figuring out the area and walking and freezing. This guy yelled at us on the bus and said we believed black people were going to hell. All I said was we don't believe that. We get tons of referrals. Like three or four Bibles and Book of Mormons every day. We picked up one new investigator. We actually reactivated a less active too. She wants to keep coming back.

We take the metro and the bus. I met a guy I talked to on the metro this last week who isn't religious and says he isn't atheist he just believes there's "something". I think the horrific things some people have done in the name of God to build up personal gain really turns a lot of people away. They don't know what to believe. We did have an awesome lesson this week though where the lady is super excited at the end she literally said "when can you boys come back?"

Love ya!

Elder Ressler