Monday, December 19, 2016

Lancaster, PA - December 19, 2016

I can't believe Christmas is in 6 days. For Christmas we have a Christmas breakfast before church with a member and Grandma and grandpa are having the family over at 1:30 p.m.. We still drive during the snow here, but it depends how bad it is. This is the apartment in Lititz. I was on exchanges with a brand new missionary. It was super fun. I hope I train.

I will Skype you guys at 3 pm your time. Can't wait to see you! If I change my mind I'll just tell grandpa, so convenient right? Come to think of it I need to leave some stuff with them to give to you guys when you come so I don't need to mail it, like my ukulele. President came out with some rules the area presidency want us to follow more strictly and that means no more ukulele

When you make people feel uplifted around you they will uplift you too.

I have to tell you a story I just remembered. So I woke up to someone banging on our door this last week at 6:25 in the morning. We open the door and our neighbor and our other neighbor are freaking out. In the apartment across us there is a lady standing over a body on the ground. She was freaking out and saying no don't die! Then she said does anyone know CPR?! I have to say I earned my eagle scout award that day. I did the chest compressions and actually a couple breaths.... super gross, but I couldn't feel a pulse or hear him breathing at all. I did this for a couple of minutes and then the police and people got there. We later found out that he actually died from a drug overdose and was most likely already dead. Maybe I should be an EMT.

The hot chocolate thing was awesome. The ward donated too much. People really liked it and we got 13 potential people to see. We're doing it again on Wednesday. This lady came up and assaulted me haha it was super funny afterward though because the other elders were like what just happened. She grabbed my arm and hand and put some money in it and said keep it.... We went and bought fries at 5 guys with the money . Then I told the worker who was solo that night I thought it was 5 guys not 1 guy and he was like I know right.

Love Elder Ressler

Monday, December 12, 2016

Lancaster, PA - December 12, 2016

We had several investigators come to church on Sunday and they  loved it. They want to get baptized on January 7th. I think I'll be transferred, by then.  We get fed like everyday here. They really fellowshipped the investigators,  Lancaster ward is the greatest area I've served in.

We've been working near Coral Street. Lancaster decorates really nice for the holidays, kind of like Annapolis did. It's crazy to realize Lancaster was founded in 1730s. The first inland city! A man who is married to a member in the ward taught us how to make pens last week. I made the wood and learned how to assemble the other parts on the pen.

We're doing this hot chocolate stand with Light the World wrapped around it outside of Wal-mart. It's going to be good. The ward is donating hot chocolate and our district is going to have three stands we all have been planning it. My companion's great. We really get along. He's a lot like Alan. One of our investigators really loved the Christmas devotional. Like he thanked us about it three times.

Grandpa Ressler was pretty sick. I went over and raked his leaves and he didn't seem well at all.

Thank you for the prayers I can feel the love. This week has been freezing cold, but it's been good. I always get super uplifted Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and it helps me get through the week.

Love you,

Elder Ressler

Monday, December 5, 2016

Lancaster, PA - December 5, 2016

Oh Christmas in Lancaster is going to be the best. The city has spent a lot of money on lighting up and decorating the city. It's like a wonderland. A huge Christmas tree and like every light post has a wreath and lights. I'm pretty sure we'll get to see the grandparents and hopefully Mark.

Our investigator came again to church and I'm pretty sure he's here to stay. We just need to get him to quit smoking. I'm a little worried about that so will you guys pray for that? We've introduced him to tons of members and it helps that he's very outgoing.

I had dinner with a nonmember lady who is a survivor from WWII she lived in Dresdon, which was one of the most bombed cities. She had some crazy stories about how God helped her. She had a prompting to leave the city one day and that was the biggest bombing where 130,000 died in 10  seconds.

I loved the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.

This week was slow teaching. We had to drop tons of people because they just won't change, but two investigators have given me a lot of hope. I know I'm making a difference even though it's hard to see sometimes serving in a very Christian area where almost everyone won't listen to you.

A lot of the members think I'm moving back to Lancaster, PA, I said we'll see.

Love ya!

Elder Ressler