Monday, March 28, 2016

Annapolis, MD - March 28, 2016

I've been studying the life of Jesus leading up to the crucifixion from all the four gospels. It's pretty awesome. There's a lot of stuff I didn't realize like how one of the people next to Jesus actually told Jesus thanks and asked for forgiveness and Jesus said he would dine with him in heaven. Our friend who was sick was doing better then pushed himself too hard and so he had to go to the hospital again, but now he's back and doing well. We're teaching an man who is progressing and is planning on being baptized on the 23rd of April. We are also teaching a family who wants to get baptized soon. We have other investigators I'm excited for.

My Easter was good, I had two dinners and got fed super good southern cooking from this lady and she also invited the sisters so we got to all four go. She made so much food. We had some awesome lessons this week. We're going to watch general conference with several investigators. I have gotten really tight with the midshipman here and they are trying to convince me to join the navy with them.


Elder Ressler

Monday, March 21, 2016

Annapolis, MD - March 21, 2016

I don't get sick on my mission. Now that it's getting warmer the work is moving more and there's always people on the streets to talk to.

The temple is so peaceful! It's the spirit. I needed it when we went it was so relaxing. I can't wait to go to that Provo temple when I get back.

Our new convert hasn't been to church in a long time because of health reasons but he's coming next week. He's doing better the relief society and everyone is feeding him good meals and looking out for him.

Tell Brendon everything he helped me with bikes came in handy, my companion has had super bad bike problems and I temporarily patched it up it was great. We have an investigator who always wants to talk about the "word" with us and we saw him last week. Apparently Travis Pastrana or whatever who is one of the most famous x game bikers lives in my area so we're going to get him baptized ;) A family we are teaching is still really excited and are reading the Book of Mormon. They just need to come to church.

A lot of people find their Savior in jail but think that now they can do whatever they want but they don't realize Christ wants lasting change and change of heart.

So it was 80 degrees and then the next day was like 40 and raining/ hailing it was a joke. Short sleeve to full coat. I'm having a lot of fun though riding my bike and having an excuse to talk to everyone I see. Things have been awesome lately. We've been super busy which is good. We did a lot of teaching this week, but all of our solid ones we thought were coming to church had to reschedule and couldn't come to church except surprise! One investigator came and apparently is dating one of our YSA's and wants to start meeting with us again.

We had dinner with a family and the wife was raised on a farm and knows how to wield it. We had this awesome miracle where I went really far off our path to talk to this guy and just started talking about Jamaica for five minutes and then he said come back later that night and he wants to be baptized and his whole family too!! Then we got in with tons of less actives that usually are busy.

Guess what I made some bacon cheddar onion cupcakes the other day and I tried to make them as fast as I could so it was like cupcake wars. It made my companion laugh.

Love you!

Elder Ressler

Monday, March 7, 2016

Annapolis, MD - March 7, 2016

I'm staying in Annapolis again. That is a third of my mission, biking. I love the people here and me and my companion are getting a lot closer. I went on an exchange and the members said they normally got annoyed by missionaries but loved me and the other elder for some reason. I think there are good missionaries everywhere. All out for the same purpose of bringing others to Christ. I'm glad we got the bike that we bought for me, I haven't ever brought it to the shop. I rode another elders to try it out and the chain snapped. My companion's bike is messed up. I'm just super lucky. Most elders out here have never even biked. I actually love biking, plus it's getting warmer.

I have a reputation for loving tacos and all the members know how much I can eat they are always like we know you can eat more. We play ping pong sometimes as missionaries. I am actually getting good.

We've meet several new people and two investigators are very promising and they both really want to change their life. One is already trying to share the gospel with his friends even though we've only met with him a couple of times. He's super prepared and excited. I love the opportunity to stay so busy out here. On bikes we always are on the move and even when we're traveling there are people we run into on the streets. I've never been happier than helping people and lifting their spirits. Talking to people can really make their day. I also really love the missionaries around me.

We are praying for a recent convert who is struggling with health problems. I know prayers go a long way because God just wants us to show our faith and he loves to hear from us. Even with everything he's going through he still has his awesome sense of humor. This gospel has really changed his life and I know it's supposed to help us change for the better. Another investigator hasn't been to church in a minute, but knows a ton about the church.

Repentance is always looked at in a negative way, but it's what we need to hear and if it's looked at positively then it allows us to change and be more Christ like. I had the opportunity to teach gospel doctrine in the Broadneck Ward with no preparation. Guess what the topic was? The Final Judgment. I had no clue at first, but it ended up being pretty awesome.


Elder Ressler

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Annapolis, MD - March 1, 2016

I've had an awesome week. I learned I'm a pro log splitter. Thanks for teaching me to work, the members really commented on my hard work. I had dinner with the Navy football coach and his wife. They're the best!

A lot of people stay in their ways and don't realize they need to change to fit Heavenly Father's will. If we don't repent and we don't use what we learn then we don't see the fruits of it. Commitments are how people really repent and progress.

One of our investigators loves coming to church now. We have been seriously chilling with people in the hood and inviting them to play basketball with us. We had some miracles. The family we're teaching told us that the oldest son  is really interested and is encouraging them all to sincerely pray if this is the right step coming to church. I'm super excited. Besides that we are teaching a ton of young single adults who are solid and I'm sure they will all get baptized eventually.

I played some of the new piano music today during district meeting, I love it.


Elder Ressler