Monday, July 31, 2017

Hanover, PA - July 31, 2017

This week was great we found 4 new people. We went to the temple and CAFE RIO! The temple was great.

The work in Hanover is better than it's ever been we're finding a lot of new people and there's a ton of possible member referrals and part member families now. We went to Gettysburg today. We went and toured the battlefield of Gettysburg today with a favorite member the legendary Brother Sherfey who is a crazy history buff and knows everything there is to know about the battle of Gettysburg. I admire Lincoln.

I will tell you of a cool experience we had though. We taught this guy a couple weeks back who is a devout catholic. At first he was very standoffish, but he opened up towards the end and told us he'd read the book of Mormon. He texted us two days ago and says he's been reading and really wants to learn more about our church and possibly join because he's been so touched. Awesome right.


Elder Ressler