Monday, November 30, 2015

Annapolis, MD - November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving was so awesome. We ate with a member family and had good old fashioned turkey with a super long table. I didn't know them too well because they live far away on bikes, but we got pretty close. And we had really good conversation and I had a lot of fun.

One of our investigators was baptized and it was awesome. So we got to the church four hours early to fill up the font, and while it was filling we set up ate and studied. Then a member gave a musical number and needed me to play the piano for her and it was like six pages! But I did surprisingly pretty good for only running through it three times. It was a miracle. Then the font wasn't filling up fast enough and so we had to use pots pans and (clean) garbage cans to fill up water and we barely made it in time. He was ecstatic and so happy. He's realized family and God are important. I took pictures, I have quite a few now I need to send.

I've really gotten into reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible and I started a list with thoughts on favorite scriptures and then doctrinally important scriptures for just the LDS church. I study tons of stuff, but I learned I'm kind of obsessed with the Apostasy and the need for the Restoration. I have a lot of scriptures to support it. I've actually been reading a ton of scriptures when I can. I never really studied like I do now.

I haven't been hit by a car yet. Elder Larsen did and it messed up his bike. He's a good missionary and we get along. I'm excited for all the future people we just found and  to be able to teach them.

Oh I forgot to tell you about our new district leader. He's from Atlanta, Georgia. I went on exchanges with him. I didn't know we were exchanging so I planned to bike really far that day and he was not down.

We're teaching this guy who is a keyboard player for like a jazz band. He's crazy nice and boy does he have swag.

I love you,

Elder Ressler