Monday, November 16, 2015

Annapolis, MD - November 16, 2015

I'm sorry I had to buy another rear light and my bike light fell off so now I only have a cheap combo one. We  biked so much on this last week we've been cranking it and I more or less had the flu and kept riding a bunch.

I think we'll have a good Thanksgiving dinner. The members are so kind to feed us dinners. We've gotten fed a ton by members.

This week has been awesome. So we taught the word of wisdom to one of our investigators who has drank coffee for his whole life, like six cups a day. He sincerely believes Joseph Smith is a prophet and that there must be a reason for life. He didn't even question it. He drinks hot water or juice in a dark cup so it looks like coffee. On top of that the Book of Mormon helps him so much.

Another of our investigators has been coming to just sacrament meeting a lot but has rescheduled for the past two weeks to meet with us. She kind of seems to believe all religion, but I've been following up on her Book of Mormon reading and she's been reading a lot.

I know Maryland's the place for me too. I honestly love it here. We've done tons of service this week; from helping these random neighborls move to digging up a member's weeds. I think they have the coolest state flag  too. I'm going to miss Thanksgiving and Christmas at home.

Elder Ressler