Monday, December 7, 2015

Annapolis, MD - December 7, 2015

I feel pretty privileged with my area honestly. Annapolis is an expensive place to live I hear from some people. Hey we have been playing racquetball with this non member for this transfer and I'm getting the hang of it now. We convinced him to come to church this week and he did! We have a member of the seventy visiting us and we have a tri zone conference I'm super excited. I don't think I'll leave this area yet either. I'm guessing one more transfer. We went shopping today mostly to look at stuff and it's hard not to buy things. We helped this member out who has been stuck in a remodeled house for 5 years because the contractors left during the economy crash in 2009 and we've been helping him a bunch and he's so grateful I can tell. It doesn't feel like December here yet because it hasn't snowed at all and won't for months they say. You wouldn't believe how much fried chicken we and everyone eat here haha. Have you checked out the new Christmas website. I really like and right now. The church is doing a lot to help us get referrals. We got a really solid referral a few days ago.

I'm so excited for Christmas. I don't know how much proselytizing we do over 23-25 in this mission. Yes they put up lights but there's tons more apartments and they don't. I can't believe how lucky I've been riding bikes so much and having no trouble. Hope I can send some pictures soon. This week was really good for our new convert with new member lessons and an awesome Christmas party. He is getting the priesthood! I can't wait to show you a picture of him. He was Santa Claus for the party and he was pro. We also made some awesome less active friends and they've come back to reactivity and their kids are going to get baptized because they are older than 8 and haven't been. We are teaching some awesome people they are just hard to get a hold of. We have done a lot of service and one day I was so sore. We worked out at the gym remembered we had service lifting 4 literal tons of stone tile, and then rode our bikes really far. I realized I need to start recording how far we ride on the long days. I never realized how much I love reading the scriptures and I know I'm not going to stop studying after my mission. What have all of you been reading. Will you get all the girls and everyone to send me their favorite scripture they read? I like Alma 14 9-11 about why bad things happen to good people. I forgot about that story. I also love Jesus the Christ pg 20 second paragraph and 1 Corinthians 15:22 about why we have death.

I hurt my leg last week and it killed for a while. This week's been cool. We have been teaching our recent convert lessons and planned to go to the temple with him. The DC temple does a festival of lights like temple square kind of. It's such a beautiful temple. This week has been a good week in that we found some awesome new people, had a lot of success with less actives coming to reactivity, but we're having a hard time holding onto investigators. One thing we've been doing a lot of is having family home evenings with young member or less active families and playing Don't Eat Pete and stuff haha.

Love you

Elder Ressler