Monday, November 9, 2015

Annapolis, MD - November 9, 2015

Oh Mom how I love you and miss you're cooking! I made some taco meat and realized we had no more tortillas so I made up taco spaghetti. It’s really good, try it. Tell Grandma Ressler happy birthday! I love her a lot. There is an Amish market down here with super good gummy bears and it sounds a lot like Roots. Tell Grandma and Grandpa Ressler I went to the temple visitor center and looked for them. The temple is so tall. It’s the tallest temple.

Thanks for the quote. Hey could you send some Family Home Evening stuff? I can’t remember if you did and did you send an allen wrench?

It's been cold here today and yesterday, but last Friday was 77 degrees while it was snowing in Utah. I wish I could listen to Christmas music, but I can't listen to it because were on bikes. I'm really excited for Christmas but I'm really going to miss that good Ressler Christmas and Lord of the Rings.

Sadie will do awesome at basketball try-outs. Halloween was awesome and then we got an extra hour of sleep. I loved it, I'm not going to lie. I went on an exchange with one of my favorite elders and it was a blast. We got soaking wet and he has been in a car forever because he’s a zone leader. We have a new zone leader in Annapolis named Elder Singleton who replaced Elder Vandeur veur who is one of my closest elders and I miss him a lot. Elder Singleton is really awesome. He is really humble and is seriously one of the most dedicated missionaries. My trainer and I are pretty tight. We've gotten a lot closer since I started my mission. Elder Larsen is just a really hard worker.

One of the member families was playing Monopoly when we stopped by and it made me think of that last little bit before I left. I'm pretty sure we'll all end up being millionaire business people because of playing Monopoly. No way, Dad stopped eating ice cream?! What did he eat?! Haha jk.

We saw the sites last week and I took a few pictures. Oh man, tell Mom I was planning on sending pictures but I forgot to bring the card reader! Ask Brendon to tell me how to use it. It was weird last time. What port do I put it in? Mostly, we play basketball, it’s a blast. Our area is actually a pretty nice area. Most of the people are super tight and respectful to us.

Oh funny story. One night I was so tired I fell asleep giving the prayer out loud with Elder Larsen and he said he waited for like 20 seconds thinking I was pondering what to say.


Elder Ressler