Monday, November 2, 2015

Annapolis, MD - November 2, 2015

One of my favorite elders a zone leader is getting transferred and my district leader who I was also really close with. I'm really glad to stay in Annapolis and still have Elder Larsen. I have a ton of work still. Hey I started listening to my music during emails like Studio Ghibli. Tell Brendon brown hymnbook is money. I love Peruvian chicken there are 2 or 3 restaurants here Dad. We have to go there. Maryland will be much easier to visit again. They have a really good Amish market here near Annapolis. Grandma Ressler would love it.

Oh we had a cool experience. A guy we had a return appointment whose wife just died said he didn't have the time but then I remembered how much he loved talking about his tractors so I asked him about them. He took us around back and showed us the tractors, then he let us in and we had a really spiritual lesson with him. Then sad story, an investigator has terminal cancer and so we don't know how much he'll be able to meet with us. I want you to know I'm doing my best out here.

We went to the temple visitor center on Sunday with an investigator. And we have another investigator who tried to meet four times with us this week but we could only have three visits. He rescheduled a serious rotator cuff surgery because he didn't want it to interfere with his baptism. It's not as crazy as a buddy of mine in my zone. His investigator punched his best friend in the face because he was making fun of the church.

I don't want it to snow. Oh I'm staying in Annapolis on bikes this transfer. For Halloween we all played dodge ball at the church as a zone it was a blast. I have so much candy it's not even funny.

I know this mission is already changing me. I'm learning to be kinder to everyone even in my thoughts. Hey, I gave myself my first hair cut, its super gnarly.

With love,

Elder Ressler