Monday, October 26, 2015

Annapolis, MD - October 26, 2015

We had seven investigators come to church on Sunday. It was the Primary program. I know they felt the spirit and some got really teary eyed with all the children and said they loved the music. One said it was an uplifting experience. I don't know how interested they are in  getting baptized but said they wanted to come to church next week as well.

My mission president is awesome he says he sees something special in me, but it sounds just like the song "I'm going to be the next AP" which pretty much makes fun of an overconfident new missionary :). Ask Brendon if he's heard that song.

Oh I'm eating great but we just bought too much in advance so we can't eat out. I eat pasta, corn dogs, party pizzas, tons of candy, sandwiches, taco meat, eggs, ramen and tons of chili on Saturday at the ward chili cook-off.

I've taken a lot of pictures but forgot my camera I'll send them next week. Hey don't worry about Halloween candy my trainer's mom sent decorations and six bags of candy. Yes, we get to Skype at Christmas. Music selection on the mission is a personal choice, but should be gospel related. I haven't been able to listen to very much of the music I brought because we're on bikes.

I saw a lot of miracles this week.

Elder Ressler