Monday, February 27, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - February 27, 2017

We put two people on date and had an awesome member present, but they didn't come to church. We didn't teach our one investigator again, because he's been busy, but we read with him for a little bit. Keep praying for him!

For p-days we go shopping and emailing, it takes so much longer because we have to travel. We mostly go shopping and go out to eat somewhere and then go to the harbor or something.

I just won an ice cream and brownie eating contest at the senior missionaries apartment and we were all super stuffed last night I had to go lay down for 20 minutes after dinner.... we got a really good/embarrassing picture. I've been losing tons of weight though actually. I've gotten pretty skinny. I've been doing a lot of pushups and eating get this oatmeal for breakfast, chicken brown rice and vegetables,cream of wheat for lunch, then more cream of wheat apples and then sandwiches or more chicken or tuna and rice with light mayonnaise now for dinner. Pretty interesting right? :D 
With the schedule change we seem to have more time in the morning and at night so I've been reading about President Hinckley in my spare time.

This last week I was in a short sleeve short.... Now I'm wearing a light jacket because we're getting some rain, but it's supposed to get hot again. I taught a pretty legendary lesson on agency and people were crying and like four people said they were really impressed by it. I haven't played the piano.... Not much lately at all actually it's been sad.

I've only played basketball once. Our church doesn't have a gym.... Crazy right? I thought all Mormons played basketball. Everyone here knows the missionaries as good ballers. I made this tie for a super stylish guy in the ward and he keeps trying to get me to start a business on it. He thinks like $50 a tie hahaha.

Love you,

Elder Ressler