Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Baltimore Inner Harbor 1 - February 13, 2017

It was a great week. I went to the temple on Saturday, and we go to the temple twice a year so I will probably go for the last time right before I come home. This week we were walking and this grown man was waving a light saber and using the force at us. I was like whoa man calm down and he said I'm not a man I'm a god.

We're working with a lot of solid people. The people here in inner city Baltimore honestly treat us missionaries well. Everyone loves the Latter-Day Saints. They do ask us for money a lot though because we're "Christians". They  are humble and respect us on our missions for trying to save souls, they in general though just don't want to change their own actions with like word of wisdom and stuff, but..... here's a miracle. We contacted this Bible referral this last Wednesday and also gave him a Book of Mormon. He asks a lot of questions and so we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and gave him a cliffhanger about the restoration. He wanted us back the next day so we taught the restoration and committed him to be baptized. That first night he got the Book of Mormon he read half of 1 Nephi. He wanted us back on Saturday so we brought a member and taught the plan of salvation. He loved it and we put him on date for March 11. He came to church yesterday and he's so tight! He used to play semi pro football. He's older but doesn't drink or use drugs. He's an electrician. He loved church and especially the classes. My favorite member talked with him for like five minutes and made him feel so welcome. She was like get up and give me a hug brother hahaha. I made her a tie because she wanted one and she gave me a tie back. We're seeing him again on Tuesday! He just keeps wanting us back. I think he's getting baptized. His mom is a former investigator and I've met her and she said good things about the church so he wants to stay for good.

Love Elder Ressler