Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Annapolis, MD - March 1, 2016

I've had an awesome week. I learned I'm a pro log splitter. Thanks for teaching me to work, the members really commented on my hard work. I had dinner with the Navy football coach and his wife. They're the best!

A lot of people stay in their ways and don't realize they need to change to fit Heavenly Father's will. If we don't repent and we don't use what we learn then we don't see the fruits of it. Commitments are how people really repent and progress.

One of our investigators loves coming to church now. We have been seriously chilling with people in the hood and inviting them to play basketball with us. We had some miracles. The family we're teaching told us that the oldest son  is really interested and is encouraging them all to sincerely pray if this is the right step coming to church. I'm super excited. Besides that we are teaching a ton of young single adults who are solid and I'm sure they will all get baptized eventually.

I played some of the new piano music today during district meeting, I love it.


Elder Ressler