Monday, March 7, 2016

Annapolis, MD - March 7, 2016

I'm staying in Annapolis again. That is a third of my mission, biking. I love the people here and me and my companion are getting a lot closer. I went on an exchange and the members said they normally got annoyed by missionaries but loved me and the other elder for some reason. I think there are good missionaries everywhere. All out for the same purpose of bringing others to Christ. I'm glad we got the bike that we bought for me, I haven't ever brought it to the shop. I rode another elders to try it out and the chain snapped. My companion's bike is messed up. I'm just super lucky. Most elders out here have never even biked. I actually love biking, plus it's getting warmer.

I have a reputation for loving tacos and all the members know how much I can eat they are always like we know you can eat more. We play ping pong sometimes as missionaries. I am actually getting good.

We've meet several new people and two investigators are very promising and they both really want to change their life. One is already trying to share the gospel with his friends even though we've only met with him a couple of times. He's super prepared and excited. I love the opportunity to stay so busy out here. On bikes we always are on the move and even when we're traveling there are people we run into on the streets. I've never been happier than helping people and lifting their spirits. Talking to people can really make their day. I also really love the missionaries around me.

We are praying for a recent convert who is struggling with health problems. I know prayers go a long way because God just wants us to show our faith and he loves to hear from us. Even with everything he's going through he still has his awesome sense of humor. This gospel has really changed his life and I know it's supposed to help us change for the better. Another investigator hasn't been to church in a minute, but knows a ton about the church.

Repentance is always looked at in a negative way, but it's what we need to hear and if it's looked at positively then it allows us to change and be more Christ like. I had the opportunity to teach gospel doctrine in the Broadneck Ward with no preparation. Guess what the topic was? The Final Judgment. I had no clue at first, but it ended up being pretty awesome.


Elder Ressler