Monday, June 19, 2017

Hanover, PA - June 19, 2017

Elder Nielson of the seventy talked to us today. He's got such a strong presence to him. I was really impressed with how he carries himself. I guess he was a lawyer. He's in charge of the missionary department as I'm sure you know. He had us study "Bear Up Their Burdens With Ease" by Elder Bednar. I remember him giving that it's a really good talk. He said he often substitutes the word grace with the enabling power of the atonement. I thought that was sweet, because it's always seemed hard to define grace. That really helped me. We focused on the doctrine of Christ and I took tons of notes. I learned a ton. I like that quote from Elder Christofferson as well. It reminds me of what Neil A Maxwell said in the special witnesses of Jesus Christ movie (I've seen that tons on the mission it's so good). He says, "Having purchased us with his blood which he shed willingly for us, he became our lawgiver." I always liked that.

I just got an email telling me to start my plan which is this course they have you go through before you get home "to help you jump back into the real world". It's going to be weird. I'm pretty sad because Elder White is leaving. He's probably one of my favorite companions and I was only with him for like 6 weeks. The cool thing about it is I'm training one of the five new missionaries coming in. I'm excited!


Elder Ressler