Monday, June 5, 2017

Hanover, PA - June 5, 2017

My week was awesome! We found like 3 people! We had a ton of rain last week and today. I hope we don't have too much coming it's June for crying out loud.

It seems like a lot smoke in Hanover. We taught this lesson to these investigators and every time they have some random relative there, like second cousin twice removed who is staying the summer. I'm pretty bold with them though. I was like smoking's not only going to kill you guys, but it's going to keep you from getting baptized. They just committed, too.

We have a meal EVERY DAY this week. And we had a linger- longer yesterday where there was tons of food. I want to tell you about my favorite member. I talk with him whenever I get the chance because he's hilarious. He wears overalls to church and a long crazy white beard. He had an accident and has to take tons of medicine that makes him loopy and he has to have a caretaker with him most of the time. The caretakers are all from Africa and I am good friends with them. One of them has a daughter who's a member of the church and so I might be able to teach him more. He signed up to have us over for dinner and he's going to feed us chicken nuggets and orange juice. He's so funny. I asked him what he's doing after church and he said, "Donald Trump is taking me for a ride in his helicopter". Love that guy. He brings a sack lunch to church. The ward is pretty awesome here. Do I love Hanover? Oh ya! Some parts are like poor, but it's probably the least dangerous of all my areas.


Elder Ressler