Monday, June 12, 2017

Hanover, PA - June 12, 2017

I love the new First Vision videos. I shared the First Vision yesterday and everyone was crying it was awesome. We had a pretty awesome discussion with a Jewish guy that converted and some other members. I think we'll have a baptism coming up here in Hanover. The sisters have someone progressing too. He's been to church and is already stopping coffee to get baptized so we're excited. Also the sister of the new converts in Baltimore is getting baptized in like two weeks! And then Elder Brent Nielson who I'm sure you know is the seventy over missionary department is coming to our mission Thursday. It's pretty awesome!

Fireflies and warm weather, yep sounds like Hanover right now! It's pretty much the best time of year. We only see fireflies like right before we go in. It hasn't really been getting dark until like 8:50 it's been great for riding a bike. I'm so happy I don't have any more cold weather on the mission. When it's cold back home I'm just staying inside. I talked to president and I'm pretty sure I'll be training. I'm pretty excited about school.

President asked how my family was doing and I told them they were in Lancaster and the first thing he said was I would be fine with them taking you out to lunch.... But I told him no. I'm eating so good here it's not funny. The bishop got mad last week because we only had 4 meals and so people volunteered to have us over last minute. There is a member in our ward, whose friend in York wants to get baptized, but he wants to come here, I called president and got permission to start teaching him. We also picked up a new investigator who is mostly blind.

I learned the importance of bearing testimony. Our district had an instruction on bearing testimony and we watched a man without eloquence. Then yesterday this guy on the street said, "You better be careful about what you're promoting." Then I said, "Why? I know what I'm promoting is actually the truth." Then he didn't know what to say. Remember that testimonies are powerful.

Elder Ressler