Monday, July 10, 2017

Hanover, PA - July 10, 2017

It's hot that's what's new. My Fourth of July was so fun! We had the whole day off so we just hung out with our friend and his wife's family.
It was funny because ever since Elder Stackhouse got here almost every day it rains substantially we have the car! We get the car on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. And Monday we don't ride a ton so it's ok. The sister missionaries have it the other days of the week.
This week we have been meeting with a lot more members. We found one new person, but couldn't get a hold of our investigator. He hasn't been to church in a couple of weeks, but his friend just got back in town so we're hoping to have a lesson soon.
One cool thing is a sister in our ward and her brother who is the 1st counselor in our ward is in a pretty famous bluegrass band out here. They gave us their CD... It's really good. We got fed every day this week. We had gazpacho and shrimp from a family. Have you ever had gazpacho? We've also had tacos like 3 times and this lady last night made a double amount of meat because there are rumors about how much I eat. With lifting weights and being out all day without food I'm pretty hungry. The work is crazy slow, but the members are so great.
I never bring up family history to street contacts or potentials, but I always talk to investigators about it. The family recently baptized in Inner Harbor, don't have any records of their family to help with family history research. They have gone literally every week since that first Sunday we met them for general conference. So that's awesome.
The Hanover ward had like 13 baptisms in the last 2 years, but only 5 are at least somewhat active.
Things here are great. The work is just pretty slow.
Well love you all!
Elder Ressler