Monday, August 1, 2016

Lancaster, PA - August 1, 2016

I'm doing awesome. Me and Elder Duffy are really getting along. We picked up a really solid investigator and also a family from Haiti looking for a church and we helped move in that's how we met them. We had an investigator give us some anti questions before we dropped him.  It's crazy for me that people are so doubtful before they even read the Book of Mormon. They were dumb questions not even real questioning. We work downtown a lot but most of our investigators don't actually live there. I gave a talk in church. It was really heartfelt. I went to James Buchanan's graveyard but only passed by today. We're planning on going to Shady Maple next week. Grandpa surprised me and showed up right before my zone training and found me in the hallway. It was awesome man! We worked on Green Street and Prince Street the other day  guess what, I ran into Dad's cousin... Sister Rohm and her son Christopher are in our ward. We helped them move. They were pretty funny it was one of those chaotic moves. We went to Dienner's today. We do volunteer at water street mission. Hey and I bought some new fabric for my ties today the elders are going to teach me to make ties next week.


Elder Ressler