Monday, August 22, 2016

Lancaster, PA - August 22, 2016

Our week has been good we had a lot of referrals to contact so it kept us busy. We met tons of new people to work with, but all the old investigators couldn't meet with us this week. We're seeing our main investigators today and tomorrow though. We had two investigators come to church.

I keep running into people that love Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Ressler. This week we are working on two Amish farms and teaching a lesson. I went and saw my Great Uncle Charles and Aunt Shirley. Pretty interesting when I called they said we could only come over as non missionaries and they had zero interest, but maybe I'm planting seeds. They were super nice. He reminded me a lot of Grandpa Ressler, but more quiet. I saw a picture of Grandpa Ressler when he was younger and Dad looks just like him. Hey now I know what Dad will look like when he's older.

Love ya!

Elder Ressler