Monday, July 25, 2016

Lancaster, PA - July 25, 2016

So I'm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and it is so sick! My grandparents called me yesterday and I'm going to get to go see them, it's unreal. I miss them so much. They said they have a lot of family members they'll refer me to teach. My companion is pretty cool and really tall. He's from Orem and has been out on his mission for 21 months and he loves this area like the most. He really misses his iPod though because he came from the PA mission when the boundary was changed. President made them switch to paper and he's sad about changing missions, but we work pretty well together.  We have eight investigators.  We taught a ton last week and it was cool. Lancaster is really artsy now and there are pianos everywhere. I started playing one and some people came and talked to us and that's how we found some investigators this week.

We got to go to the Philadelphia Temple open house yesterday and the architecture is sweet. It's totally 1700's but gorgeous. Our investigator we took had a really good experience and it was hard to get him out of the celestial room. Leading up to the temple open house we drew a sidewalk chalk story of what temples are about and got tons of questions while we were doing it. Wish I had pictures of it. It's been cool finding new ways to find people when they come to talk to us. Church on Sunday was super weird. Everybody knows my grandparents and my dad. They used to be in the same ward until they split. We get fed like crazy here. My last area they didn't feed us too much but here it's like every day! I just met some Elders that know how to make ties and so I'm super stoked to get some more sweet floral ties. I love this area so much it's pretty crazy. God is good. Love ya!

Message to his dad: "Brother Knarr is all the missionary's favorite. Wow that's crazy, you know right where I live. Dad it was tight at church. Everyone knows you and everyone said you were the best. I met like all the people you mentioned. John Breuninger is going to feed me and says "hi".  The Woolstenhumes had us for dinner the first night and I kept messing up their name.  Awesome about the referral. I'll tell Elder Allen about it. So President just changed the areas so I'm not in Elder Allen's district, but I'll see him a lot still. I talked with President and I'm sure it's fine if I go to Jean's for dinner. We cover the city. It's like mini Mexico and Baltimore."

Elder Ressler