Monday, August 15, 2016

Lancaster, PA - August 15, 2016

This week we got to go help the Amish pick watermelons and it was so cool to learn more about them. They are such good people. They're pretty much Mormons that stay away from technology too. They believe a lot of the same things. We get to see a different Amish family next week too!

I finally got the pictures from the open house. Side story me and my companion got to run up the steps that Rocky ran up to in Philadelphia. It was like 100 degrees so a grey suit did not do well in the heat.

Also last preparation day this lady from Columbia who lives in our ward taught me and my companion how to make ties really well. She measured out the penguin tie pattern. I never thought I would ever sew... but it's cool I don't think I'll ever buy a tie again. Especially because you can choose the pattern you want. My companion got pretty sick this week so I had some free time and made some really good floral ties. It pretty much made this week an all time low for proselyting time. He pretty much almost passed out with the heat so it was hard to do much work.

Besides that I had Sunday dinner with my aunt and uncle and grandparents.


Elder Ressler