Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Towson, MD - July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of July! No we didn't see any fireworks because it was raining super bad yesterday. Our president let us stay out until 10:30 if we were with members or investigators so we had a day off. We went with the other elders and played Apples to Apples with a family in the city. It was pretty crazy. They talked about how they were related to the Vissors and Elder Mcelvany knew them because his cousin dated Jordan before Sydney married him.

One investigator is getting baptized on the 16th for sure. We had an awesome talk with him and a recent convert came and now he really can't wait. He loves church and me and him are super tight. He shared an experience how his neighbors told him things about Mormons and he told them they were straight wrong. I'm really excited for him. The prayers have worked. He is really on track now. Him and another member are really hitting it off. I've just been trying to introduce him to members of the ward because I think I'm leaving soon. Me and him were gospel rapping at church. I am really starting to get tight with the members of this ward. We had a pancake breakfast and I mingled with tons of people.

We had an experience with the Holy Ghost this last week. There was this door I really felt we should knock on. When the person first opened the door she said, oh I'm Presbyterian. I wouldn't let her shut the door though. I said hey we respect that. Have you ever heard of the Mormons. She said hey come back Wednesday and we planned everything, but it didn't feel right so I said actually we'd love to teach you now. So we taught her and it all made sense to her she wants "to get baptized by immersion and find a church that teaches what Christ would teach". Hopefully she'll come to church but she's solid and we already have the perfect friend for her who's coming tomorrow.

We have the best mission in the northeast US statistic wise. President is awesome and there is great energy. Most people here are actually sad because they'll miss missionaries leaving with the new mission boundary changes, but I'm excited because I love Lancaster, Pennsylvania which is now in our mission.

Elder Ressler