Monday, May 16, 2016

Towson, MD - May 16, 2016

Today was an awesome day. I gave a talk about overcoming adversity. I felt a little intimidated at first because the ward is so big and I still don't know everyone, but when I actually gave the talk I felt great. We didn't have any investigators at church, but last week we had like 3 and next week we'll have 4 or 5. We had an awesome miracle with this new investigator. We had a text that we had an appointment with him in an hour. We called him and it checked out. He lives like 15 miles away and so we started the long drive. He wants to be baptized. He's so awesome. He is like a rapper and he really wants to come to church. We had an awesome chastity lesson with our main investigator and it went really well. He's still waiting for his answer on baptism, but he'll get there. I love the bishop he's from England. They feed us good. They all take their callings seriously. My ward mission leader is like a return missionary with a young family and he's the bomb. This week our whole mission got cut miles and so we had to bike a couple days to save for our long drives. I'm in Towson it's a college town and I cover the county so it's really nice here.


Elder Ressler