Monday, January 25, 2016

Annapolis, MD - January 25, 2016

Guess what? I'm actually staying in Annapolis! Crazy right?! Everyone thought I was for sure gone. That is going to be six months in my first area. I like Annapolis a lot. I think we'll be able to get some baptisms up and running if the weather will permit in the coming weeks.

The snow has been crazy. We've been able to open our front door thank goodness. So Friday we borrowed the car so we could hurry and get to an appointment before the blizzard hit which was a really good lesson to a member's daughter's friend. Then we hurried home and yesterday was the first day we were able to really get out and proselyte. The past weekend we have been sleeping over at the zone leader's apartment so we had five missionaries (because one elder in our district got sent home with a brain tumor) all hanging out cooped up inside.

We played risk, monopoly, and did a LOT of shoveling. Church was canceled and we had to buy some extra food for the storm and it was packed in Sam's club. We had some sweet snowball fights. Went to the mall, built a snow cave. When we were shoveling it was crazy how much money people tried to give us. Then this funny guy drove up in a hummer and was like I got the transportation I'll drive you around and we'll make so much money. Then we said we don't do it for money and he said oh I don't want to talk to you then and drove off haha. It's crazy how little service there is in the world even in times of crisis. It was really awesome to help people and it made them really curious about our church.

We had a worldwide missionary broadcast which was pretty great. Then we had interviews with president and so we didn't have too much time to teach before the STORM. It was crazy! It snowed for two days straight. Hey be grateful for the road system in Utah because out here it's terrible. Everyone is freaking out so bad. School is still canceled and people just stop working. It's been hard not doing anything. We have tons of food and my clothes are keeping me dry and happy.

I learned the spirit is not a teaching tool it's the teacher and we're the tools ;) I like Ether a lot. I've been reading "Jesus the Christ" in my free time, and cross referencing it with the four gospels.

Elder Ressler