Monday, January 18, 2016

Annapolis, MD - January 18, 2016

This last week has been pretty cold. It's supposed to snow on Friday and Saturday and it's a mission rule when snows on the ground we all walk no cars either. We had some snow this week for the first time, but it didn't stick. Those sweaters you sent have been awesome. I was feeling a little sick, but my companion had some "Canadian cold medicine" that has more drugs in it than they allow in America and so I got better real quick.

We actually picked up four investigators this week which is crazy because two is good at least for our mission. Hopefully we'll have some baptisms coming up. I know that a part-member family will get baptized for sure. It's weird recently because I'm pretty sure I'm going to get transferred.

I've really loved STUDYING the scriptures more instead of just reading them. I feel like I had a really sheltered childhood, but now it helps me know how things should be. There's no grey lines you know?

My companion was surprised at first how I never let anyone past me on the streets without talking to them or at least saying hello. I've loved being a missionary because I've really been able to focus on one thing- the gospel and how I can share it. They have a worldwide broadcast for all missionaries because I guess Elder Oaks is taking over missionary work. I also get to be interviewed by the mission president this week.

It snowed this week for the first time! This week has been one of the best ever. We followed up on like all the people we found and taught so many lessons. It was awesome. We've also gotten a lot more member involvement and the ward is super pumped for missionary work. I'm pretty sure this is my last week in Annapolis and it's a little sad because some of these members are super fun and ideal to have, but I'm also excited to go to a new area.

Love you all.

Elder Ressler