Monday, January 11, 2016

Annapolis, MD - January 11, 2016

This week was super productive we found a lot of people I think will accept the gospel and had some outstanding less active lessons that I'm hoping will help them want to come back to church, plus we're talking a lot about it in ward council.

This week we saw a lot of miracles out riding bikes in temperature from 17 to 66 degrees. We found a lot of people that are prepared and ready to learn about the gospel. I have really learned a lesson on the power of prayer and how God requires faith of us to work miracles. When I try to let the spirit guide me I can do it, but doing in Ether 12:6-7 it talks about how Christ showed himself to those who had faith in him and how it was the main role of his miracles on earth. Faith can be hard, but the gospel is simple, not complex. I love the scriptures and one of my biggest regrets is taking my reading for granted. God can really help us and guide us through the scriptures.

We found a lady who had met with missionaries previously and was really close until she moved. She was awesome. We're meeting with her this week. I'm pretty excited. Chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel is probably my favorite chapter! The page that answers questions of the soul and some other scriptures really help in street contacts. Using the Book of Mormon really shows how the gospel can apply to their lives. Inviting more people to other activities so in other words social conversion goes a long way because if they don't feel comfortable they won't come or try to learn more.

I think it's always important to talk about inner worth because the world portrays worth differently. Matthew 26:8 about considering the lilies of the field and how they are beautiful without trying too hard. Also I think 1 Peter 3:3 maybe. We have had a drought, but we had the most street contacts and like solid return appointments I've ever had in Annapolis! Also we've had some outstanding lessons with members, but mostly less actives and helping with concerns about coming to church.

Love You

Elder Ressler