Monday, October 19, 2015

Annapolis, MD - October 19, 2015

It's been an awesome week. Going on this mission is one of the best decisions I've made. I love getting to know so many people. I fall asleep so fast every night I'm usually exhausted but it's getting better. I've been reading Jesus the Christ and Our Search for Happiness and they've answered a lot of questions that our investigators have.

A past BYU football player that graduated in 1996 drove up to me and talked to me while my companion was on the phone. He says he has a picture on the wall and was super interested I was going to BYU. He was visiting the neighborhood he grew up in.

It was good yesterday; I was so cold I could see my breath, the humidity makes a big difference. When the sun was out it felt really hot, but then the cloud covered it and I was freezing like even with my coat.

We are really low on money for food. We went to two Peruvian chicken places and they are seriously amazing. I eat a lot of pasta, eggs, milk and no, we need to get hamburger for taco salads, but I will for sure.

I've been getting a lot more comfortable here and I've really enjoyed studying and looked forward to it; I've learned a lot. Are you guys ponderizing a scripture each week like from conference? Hey let me know which ones you do and you should share good scriptures with me every week. The ward here is so awesome were having like a chili cook off this Saturday and were hoping some investigators will end up coming. A lot of people are interested in hearing what we say but not promising to come to church or read because of like football and stuff like that that really doesn't matter in the end. But my investigators are doing well. I'm pretty sure at least two will get baptized but I mean, I always pray and remember everyone.

Hey I love you all,

Elder Ressler