Monday, October 5, 2015

Annapolis, MD - October 5, 2015

I love being a missionary! It's going by way fast. I'm already a third done with this transfer it's weird. We talk to so many people and I'm happy because we have taught way more lessons and have people progressing. I had some people try to bible bash us in a way and one yelled at us in Hebrew. But their arguments have strengthened my testimony even more.

General Conference was my favorite. I got so much out of it. I watched it at members’ houses. I was sad it was over. There are just a lot of awesome people out here and some strong members.

I've been feeling better but it's been hard biking so much in the rain and having no down time.

My companion was trained in this area. The downtown is really old English and that’s in my area. They split the Annapolis area when I got here and sadly most of the members are on the other side, but we get the city part.

I didn't realize Annapolis was the capital until a few days ago. Thanks for the information about Annapolis history. I’ve seen all of those places. That’s the college really? It's a super old college and very traditional. It's a really intellectual school we delivered a media referral near there and it's like all brick.

I haven't had seafood yet but I saw the Chesapeake Bay when a member took us to a restaurant in between conference sessions. We got fed so much. I look forward to the taco seasoning. I hear hamburger is expensive here, but I need taco meat.

That's awesome about President Jones having a friend here. I would love to meet them.

It's an amazing area. You know the Navy vs Air Force game was on Saturday during conference. The coach from “Meet the Mormons” in my wards stake and came to the priesthood session after the game. It was pretty cool.

I don't have too much time to play piano, but hardly anyone can play so for church and zone meetings I've sight read the hymns.

Elder Ressler