Monday, May 15, 2017

Hanover, PA - May 15, 2017

Hanover is too hard to explain. I love it so much! It's like an old town that's been made new it's cool. We rode our bikes past the mansion the other day. They have pretty cheap Utz here. They have all kinds of flavors of chips at the outlet like cheeseburger. I'm excited to go there. We'll probably go next week though. Hanover's a little bit different from Baltimore because like 90% of the baptisms here come from street contacts or tracting. We found one new investigator this week by knocking on her door. Some people here are just really humbled. The ward's very friendly, we get very well taken care of, have the nicest car I've ever driven (even though we share it with the sister missionaries) and a really clean and nice apartment. Hanover is the snack capital of the US. Our apartment is proof of that. I really have to control myself haha.

There was some random street contact who said he thinks he knew a family member or something. Then two ward members used to live in the Lancaster Stake.

"Thanks I made it" I love saying that about my ties hahaha.

Love you!

Elder Ressler