Monday, November 21, 2016

Lancaster, PA - November 21, 2016

We had a great week. I'm happy I'm staying in Lancaster. I thought I was leaving for sure though, it was a pretty big surprise. I'm pretty stoked for Thanksgiving. The Mission President said I can have it with my family in Lancaster.

I'm feeling better, but not for long. My asthma isn't helping either. Elder Dearing is still here and has the same problem with asthma. Same deal. We're a mess when we're sick hahahaha. I'm glad he's staying too.

Pray for my investigators. They have a lot of potential for this transfer. We've got a lot going on right now too and we hopefully have some baptisms coming up! It's hard sometimes on the mission, but I've learned a lot and I found the real me. I've seen lives changed whether or not they do get baptized while I'm here. I was super bold with this investigator last week and said your life can be so much better. You need to come to church we'll be here at 10:40. Then he gave in and was ready. He had SUCH a good time at church. The members are the best they took him under their wing and invited him and us to dinner that night.

This week was super cold. It was sleeting and freezing rain while I was driving down south. We were tracting and street contacting super hard this week. It was bomb. Man I love Lancaster County. Everyone loves it too here.


Elder Ressler