Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lancaster, PA - November 7, 2016

I love it here. There's a ton of trees and right now most have changed colors. I'm starting to gain weight though. It's super bad. The ward feeds us like crazy. Everyone here just loves food. Our main investigator just moved to Virginia. We picked up some new people to teach though. I just think I'm getting transferred next transfer. I don't think I'll stay in Lancaster zone, though I wish!  I love my grandparents so much more after being here. They help the sisters sooo much. My companion loves them too.

You will love this. We did a hot chocolate stand and had a table to hand out Book of Mormons and pamphlets. It was on Penn Square at the center of downtown Lancaster and we got like 50 people. We're working hard but it's tough cycling through so many people sometimes. We keep finding people to teach though. So that's good. There's so many art galleries here. We went to one and saw our investigator Karen's art. I have developed a huge love for flowers though. I really want to learn how to paint at least a little too.

Love you,

Elder Ressler