Monday, October 17, 2016

Lancaster, PA - October 17, 2016

My new companion's name is Elder Dearing from Idaho.  We came out together. I talked to him a little in the mission home the first night. I've been pretty good sickness wise. I'm crossing my fingers it's the last winter.

This week was a miracle, three of our investigators came to church and loved it. One of them came with his girlfriend and they had their prayers answered about something financial so he called me crying and thanked me for bringing God into his life. Another came and I assume things are getting better with her parents about meeting with us because she actually came. We weren't able to see her in six weeks.

My two older brothers are great examples. I pretty much think I came out because of them sometimes. They're rock stars. I'm pretty sure thanksgiving is on the first day of next transfers, so I most likely will be in another area...

Love you,

Elder Ressler