Monday, October 10, 2016

Lancaster, PA - October 10, 2016

Hey! Things are going great here in Lancaster. I've never taught so many people. We teach a lot of Haitians. They're pretty tight, but sometimes they mix French and English. We watched the restoration movie with this Haitian guy and he loved it he said I'm going to watch it again. We thought he was kidding but when we went back 5 minutes later because we forgot something he had started it again. He's pumped to come to church. He boxes ;) Then we played volleyball with the Amish. You'd be surprised how stinking good these Amish are at volleyball. They rarely ever hit it over unless they are spiking it in your face... My companion got clocked so hard. I love the Amish we showed them around the church afterwards too. They're planning on coming soon.

We're teaching this guy who's read the Book of Mormon like five times. He tells us stories about Alma all the time. It's sad, but the only thing holding him from baptism is beer... He doesn't think he can give it up so we committed him to only have 10 beers this week. That's pretty low for this guy.

I had stake conference and got to sit next to my grandparents. My companion is getting transferred on Wednesday. It's always sad when you get a companion you really love and they get transferred, but I've been lucky with companions so far. I was thinking today how awesome it would be to baptize someone in the same font my dad got baptized in right? Most of our investigators just have problems committing to a church. A lot of faith problems like is the Holy Ghost real or is praying just therapeutic?

Love you guys!

Elder Ressler