Monday, April 4, 2016

Annapolis, MD - April 4, 2016

General Conference was amazing. It felt weird when it ended. I was like what do I do for the rest of the day? My favorite talks were from Elder Renlund, Elder Kearon and President Uchtdorf.  The members we watched it with are wonderful. All the investigators we planned to watch it with had to cancel. It was a downer. Anyway I watched conference with Granny and it was hilarious. She really enjoyed it and halfway through remembered she made us a whole chicken. We watched with several  people we don't get in with too much. Then Granny asked me to "serenade" them on the piano.

It has gotten so humid and my companion hates it but strangely I like it. I had some killer sweet potato pie and didn't even know I liked it.

Me and my companion  forgot about April Fools until like the end. I wish I would have remembered to play a prank or two on him. Today was pretty fun. I got to play soccer for the first time on my mission. We usually play basketball or something.

I went on two exchanges because one elder needed a colonoscopy. I brought a brand new missionary from Columbia with me to my area and we taught three lessons we weren't expecting and picked up an awesome investigator! Then he got a flat tire and I was able to fix it super fast.

I'm spending my money a lot better so far this month. We helped a family move and boy did they have some heavy stuff. They took us to Popeye's though. I've never been and it was super good!

I ran into a guy I talked to like four months ago and had an awesome conversation with him.

Love you all,

Elder Ressler