Monday, April 18, 2016

Annapolis, MD - April 18, 2016

I know the Annapolis ward members super well. I even know a lot of the Broadneck members really well so Sunday is always crazy. I can never talk to everyone I want to. I've been here forever it feels like. It's going to be weird leaving. I'm pretty sure I'm out though, because I had interviews with president. Whoever is in this area next transfer might have a hard time because like 4 families are moving soon or already did.

Yes the weather is super warm.

I'm all about short hair and clean shaving now. It's so much better. I decided I like my hair short. I cut it myself every 3 weeks.

I might see Grandma and Grandpa at the DC temple. I'm going Wednesday to do baptisms with Albert. He's doing so well. We have a new investigator who is awesome and super interested. The family we were teaching are not progressing at all which is sad, but that's how it goes. I am hoping we'll pick up three new investigators next week. Actually a guy we are teaching WILL get baptized he's engaged to a member and he'll be back from England in a couple weeks. He's reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church every week. She is coming a lot more too and my favorite member WILL get them baptized.

Love you

Elder Ressler