Monday, February 8, 2016

Annapolis, MD - February 8, 2016

We are all dug out and the sidewalks are clear, but we hear it might snow again. It's just getting to the point where I have talked to the same people out on the street, but I do love Annapolis.

We got to go to a temple session in Washington DC. It was awesome and a really good experience. It was pretty beautiful and was really good seeing some other missionaries there. We actually went to the temple on Friday for endowments. It was awesome. It wasn't my favorite celestial room, but the actual temple and the hallways were nice. The highlight was the paintings and the stairs are super cool. They have stained glass windows that light up around the stairs and a fountain when you look down.

Then the ward mission leader started driving the wrong way and ended up driving past the White House. He had the coolest stories and could point out which embassies were for which countries because he was in the FBI in DC. It was tight.

My week was awesome we got to teach a bunch! We had a miracle with this kid . We have been trying to see him for like two weeks. He let us in and talked to us while playing call of duty. Then we got him to pay attention and the atmosphere completely changed. He said he knew it was true and it's what he's been looking for because he's always wondered why there are so many churches. He couldn't put the Book of Mormon down when we were explaining it to him.

Our most solid investigator now lives in the sketchiest part of Annapolis, but he is super smart and when we asked he was like I think it is true about the first vision.

We're back on bikes and although my legs are getting used to it again, I'm super happy about it. We've had a lot of one and done investigators. My health is great. I'm congested today for like the first time this winter. I feel really blessed.

We talked to granny the other day and she was like have you ever been to Murrays? We're like no. She says she's going to buy us a bunch of "good meat" and other groceries and give it to us. She also says it's going to snow and granny's never wrong.

We had a great week teaching.


Elder Ressler